Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Which 3.5t van has the highest payload?

At Vantrader we are asked about payloads every day, everyone wants the highest possible and expect's to get 2 ton from a Vehicle 3.5 ton GVW, its just not going to happen.

The better quality the Van the Lower the payload is a good rule of thumb, there is a balance - Safety should come first but in a business world it does not, too many companies will go for the Cheap option for the sake of 300kg and run an unstable overloaded van, there is a difference between a Legal Payload and a Safe Payload.

For example the Mercedes Sprinter will take 1 ton safely and will keep going and going, its the old story buy cheap buy twice, I am not naming any names here but the cheaper options are just poor quality and although they have a legal load its not a safe load.

Luton Vans:

If we start with the Bare Chassis, the manufacturers payload will go from 1500 - 1800kg

Sprinter Above Payload 1585, then you have to take off the weight of the Body, minimum 300kg, if you need tail lift you are down to 1,000kg, on a standard Body Weight your best Payload is going to be around 1200kg, we have now come across the best we have ever seen 1525kg on a Low Loader Vauxhall, Visit this link for more info.

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