Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Renault Master 150 Tom Tom Low Loader Luton Available from Stock 28/05/2013

1 Low Loader Available £24850, it wont be available for long, waiting list currently 10 weeks nationally:
Renault Master Low Loader Luton
Renault Master Low Loader Luton:
2013 New - Now Being produced on a Rolling Production Plan
Renault Master Low Loaders sell faster than supply you need to call and see when the next one is available, you will find that there are very few outlets for these in the UK and there has never been enough Chassis Cabs in the country to meet the demand, 2013 has seen a big change in the supply of these vehicle, the secret is not to shop around for these as you will lose the first one you found, Currently our price is £22300+VAT and RFL and First Reg, this is as good as it gets, if you want just the chassis we can advise you where to go to get special builds.
Full Brochure Here!
WHEELS AND TYRES:Fit standard tyres.
16" wheel.
Standard wheel trims
Tyres 215/65 R16 (225/65 for 3.5t GVW).
Wheels J 6.5
Tyres 225/65 R16 - wheels J 5.5 (235/65 R 16 J 7
on single wheel).
BRAKING SYSTEM:All-Disc brakes : 302 x 28 on the front, 305 x 12 on
the rear for single wheels or 305 x 18 for twin
ABS : Anti-lock braking system (generation 8.2).
Emergency brake assist (AFU).
EXTERIOR:Cab (2/3 seats).
Height H2.
Rear access through a double hinged door, opening
to 180°
Sheet metal side panels.
Anti-slip step for front of cab access.
2 heated, remote control rear view mirrors with
integral indicator lights.
Small arm rearview mirrors.
Two wide a
Tinted, laminated windscreen.
Tinted windows.
2-button key
Anthracite grey grained front protective moulding
with integral windscreen access step.
Bonnet lift to give access to oil dipstick, windscreen
washer bottles, cooling and brake fluid reservoirs
as well as the offset battery terminals.
INTERIOR:Driver airbag
Adjustable driver's seat with armrest.
Cloth fabric seat trim.
Lifting driver's armrest
Full width bulkhead partition between cab and load
Fold down central section of seat back panel with
pivoting tray.
3-Point dynamic seat belts with effort limiter for
and front passengers, plus pre-tensioner for driver,
height adjustable.
3rd, 3-point passenger seat belt.
Front passenger grab handle.
2 electrically operated window raisers.
3-position windscreen wiper / washer.
Door pocket storage.
Two sun visors with sleeve pocket.
Courtesy interior light on door opening and audible
warning for lights left on.
Adjustable Heating / Ventilation / Defrosting (4-
speeds and 6 positions) system with recycling
function, to maintain the demisting of windscreen
and front side windows.
Provision for alarm.
INSTRUMENT PANEL:Fully equipped instrument panel, including :
Gear lever mounted on dashboard.
Glove box chilled by air conditioning (if fitted),
mobile phone holder within easy reach, 4 bottle
holder or movable ashtray locations, 12V socket,
coin holder, card holder.
Large storage in upper section.
Two swivelling central vents and two swivelling
side vents, with adjustable flow.
On-board computer (oil level, mileometer and
odometer, quantity of fuel used, average
consumption in miles per gallon, range on
remaining fuel and average speed since last update).
Rational driving aid.
Automatic door-locking when vehicle moves off.
Radio CD / MP3 player - Bluetooth compatible.
Manual in English.
12 Volt battery - 110 Ah. - located in LH step.
Halogen headlamps.
headlamp assembly with integral direction
Headlight adjustment device on dashboard.
ngle reversing lights and one rear fog light.
Electrical management of more powerful side
marker lamps (84W), mandatory on vehicles 6m or
longer. New UCH type Mascott.
CHASSIS:Monocoque chassis
GVW = 3.5 tonnes / GTW = 6 tonnes (Except 16-
seat bus - GVW = GTW)
=>Maximum trailer weight: 2500kg (3000kg on
twin wheel versions)
Short overhang.
  • Overall Length (mm) 6460
  • Overall Width (mm) 2359
  • Overall Height (mm) 2820
  • Loading Height (mm) 550
  • Load Length (mm) 4150
  • Load Height (mm) 2090
  • Load Width (mm) 2000
  • Payload 1250kg
  • Tank (Litres/Gallons) 100 / 21.99
SUSPENSION:Normal suspension.
Single leaf steel suspension. Right hand sprng
hangers. Rubber spring assisters.
Hydraulic and telescopic shock absorbers.
Steel suspension, two-leaf on single wheels, threeleaf
on twin wheels. Invertedspring hangers.Rubber
spring assisters.
Hydraulic and telescopic shock absorbers.
30mm dia. anti-roll bar.
Main fuel tank capacity : 80 litres (66kg of diesel)
Fuel filler flap
Inertia cut-out (cuts fuel supply in case of accident)
Ancillary equipment under driver's seat.
Trailer coupling.
Windscreen washer fluid