Friday, 19 July 2013

New Model Sprinter 2013


This is just a leap ahead again, so much more for very little get in quick as the new model is under £400 more than the old model Euro 6 20% saving on fuel:


Exterior features

Further vehicle details and images of the New Sprinter will be released shortly highlighting the new visual features, which follows the new design language shown on the Citan model line. One of the key drivers of styling change has been the desire to further enhance pedestrian safety.
• New radiator grille and bumpers
• New stylish front headlights design
• New tail lamp design
• Bluetec badging for Euro VI versions and stylish new lettering
Lighting is provided by a combination of daytime running lights and either new halogen headlights or optional xenon headlights with cornering function. The van rear lights also get a new design, but within the same overall dimensions as the previous model. The upper lens field which was exclusively used as a braking light will now function as a second rear-light, improving rear visibility to other vehicles.

New design multifunction steering wheel as standard

• New seat cover material
• New generation radio and optional navigation
• Optional Becker Map Pilot modular navigation units
• New Chrome fittings for air nozzle control levers
• New gear lever with chrome fittings.
• Note: CD players are no longer available ex-factory


The new model features significant enhancements to the standard radio with a
3.5inch tft monochrome display, Bluetooth telephony, Bluetooth audio streaming,
telephone keypad, SD card slot, aux input and USB input. Supports SD-memory
cards (Secure Digital) and SDHC-memory cards (Secure Digital High Capacity) as
well as the audio formats AAC, MP3, WMA and WAV, and storage compartment
below the screen.


The already impressive list of standard safety equipment on Sprinter is improved with
the following:
• Crosswind Assist: Vehicle sensors detect vehicle movement due to
crosswind gusts triggering counteraction via ESP. Note that this
feature is valid for vans up to 3.5t GVW only. For a film clip
demonstration of this impressive system in action go to…
• New deformable plastics and front profile to improve pedestrian safety
Optional Safety features
For Panel Vans and Traveliner models the following equipment are included in the
Driving Assistance package:
• Code JA6, Collision Prevention Assist
• Code JA7, Blind Spot Assist
• Code JW5, Lane Keeping Assist
• Code LA1, Highbeam Assist
For Chassis Cab and Crew Cab the package consists of:
• Code JA6, Collision Prevention Assist
• Code JW5, Lane Keeping Assist
• Code LA1, Highbeam Assist
• Highbeam Assist - Headlamps adjust light level automatically to oncoming
• Blind Spot Assist - Illuminates warning lights in exterior mirror when sensors
detect an object in vehicle’s blind spot. Not available separately


Lane Keeping Assist

- Detects and warns if vehicle veers from lane. Not
available separately
• Collision Prevention Assist (front collision warning) - Detects relative speed of
vehicle in front and alerts driver. In case of emergency braking manoeuvre
this activates BAS Pro to improve stopping distance. This system does not
automatically apply the brakes. Not available separately

lane assist

Standard range enhancements to improve fuel efficiency
• New efficient engine range with EGR as standard combined with high torque output at low engine speeds and improved flexibility.
• New alternator management measures – switches off during acceleration to reduce power loss due to drag.
• New electrically regulated fuel pump – maintains optimum fuel system pressure.
• Fuel efficient rear axle – optimised gearing and reduced friction bearings.
• Low friction transmission oil
• Low rolling resistance tyres
• Economy compressor clutch for optional air-conditioning(HH9)
Optional Efficiency measures
• The BlueEFFICIENCY models will include:
• ECO start/stop function
• Fuel-economy alternator
• Electrically regulated fuel pump Stage 2
• ECO steering servo pump
• New buffer starter battery(E34) supporting power supply to electric comfort systems
• The EFFICIENCY+ pack will include:
• Electric engine cooling fan which reduces power draw from the cooling system
• Optimised axle ratios for operation specific economy
All existing versions will continue in New Sprinter (e.g. 4x4, NGT, BlueEFFICIENCY and Traveliner models).
Fuel Consumption
The new engine range boasts significant improvements with EFFICIENCY+ variants potentially achieving up to an impressive 44mpg on the combined NEDC cycle. We will provide a complete matrix of this once the information is available.


The 7G-Tronic 7-speed automatic transmission (Sales Code G42) will now be
available on Chassis Cab and Crew Cab variants as well as Panel Van and
Traveliner. 7G-Tronic will now offer an ECO-Start function optionally.
The 5-speed automatic transmission (Sales Code G40) will now only be available in
the following combinations:
• NGT models
• 4x4 models
• Lowframe models
• Vehicles with EU5b (Sales Code MA4)
• Payload unchanged from existing Euro 5 pre-Facelift models
• Vehicles with Euro 6 (Sales Code MP6)
• Emission control SCR system reduces payload by 33kg
• Vehicle load dimensions remain unchanged
• On 3.5t models (excluding 4x4 and NGT) the ride height has been reduced by
• Improves aerodynamics
• Adds stability
• Eases load and cabin entry
Two new non-metallic colours (below) have been added to the standard paints list
while Hibiscus red and Atlantis blue have been moved from standard to non-standard

Vantrader Says:

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2013 EU6 Sprinter