Monday, 16 September 2013

New 2014 Mercedes Sprinter Finance Lease Explained!

How can so many people afford to run the top van in the world, it seems everyone has one but they are £30,000+VAT?
Nearly all  Mercedes Vans are on a finance lease, which is great for any business for the following reasons:
Cost £29500+VAT
Our Discount £6000
Our Price £23500

Finance Lease 6x59 with Balloon:

This mean 6 payments up front of £375+VAT( You could put down as little as 3 if needed)
Deposit £2250+VAT(£2700)
59 Months £375+VAT(£450)
Balloon of £4500+VAT(£5400)
These prices Vary slightly – this is a genuine example of an actual customers Actions.

This is the Magic Bit:

At the end of the term you can hand the vehicle back without paying the Balloon in which case you have leased a vehicle and an annual mileage restriction will apply normally 20,000.
You have given the finance company a vehicle that is worth more than the Balloon of £4500+VAT, they will now sell it for up to twice that and make another profit out of you. This is the last thing you want to do!!!
Your best option is to sell it on the vehicle to a third party yourself, and keep the profit of Maybe £2000-£4000, then you have not paid the Balloon and come out of it with a Profit to put down on the Next Van.
If you are not ready to move on yet you can rent the vehicle on a peppercorn rental of one payment a year £375+VAT in this case.
Here is what has happened:
£29500 - £6000 = £23500-£4500-profit £4000=£15500 You have only paid Half of the price and had a Brand new Sprinter for 5 years, and what's more you have enough to put a healthy deposit on another one.
This is the way to go please fill in the finance form at: This Link.